The Right Way to Gain Instagram likes and Followers

In 2020, people and brands need to create their presence on Onesearchpro digital marketing social media. Instagram is one of the biggest social media applications where many brands improve their presence. To create a presence on Instagram you have to have loads of followers and a ton of likes to the posts that you post. There are many ways to gain Instagram followers and likes and which way you choose to increase your followers and likes is up to you. You can do it in a wrong or in the right way which most people do. Here are the ways you can gain followers and likes on Instagram:

Instagram Hashtags

Instagram is a pretty simple application that anybody can use if he/she spends some time on the application. The developers at Instagram have allowed creators and users to increase their presence on this app with hashtags. You will be allowed to use 30 hashtags for each post. The hashtags have to be relevant because if you use irrelevant hashtags the users won’t be attracted to your profile. 

There’s a search option in the app where people can search their favourite hashtags and surf through the posts under that very hashtag. So, the post that you share will appear under the hashtag that you use in the very caption of the post.

Communicating with your audience

As you try to grow on this application many users will comment on your posts and eventually direct message you and you cannot simply ignore them. You have to answer their questions, you have to conduct a weekly interactive session to engage your audience, and you should also reply to their direct messages without hesitating. There’s one thing you need to remember during this whole process of communication, you need to be polite and kind to others no matter what and eventually, the word will spread and you will gradually gain followers and likes

Creative posts

You need to be unique on this app. There’s no compromising on that part. You cannot mix into the crowd, you need to be different. By being creative and posting creative unique content you will eventually stand apart from the crowd. Creative posts attract an audience and this very audience will follow and like your posts. You have to keep sharing more and more creative content that is eye-catching and vibrant. Your whole profile also needs to have one theme. Choose a colour theme and stick to it, it attracts people and gets their attention.


There’s no quick way to gain Instagram followers and likes, you have to keep coming up with unique posts and make sure you use relevant hashtags. Communicating or interacting with your audience is also a key aspect of increasing your followers. The power of interaction must not be ignored. There’s a lot of competition on Instagram and you cannot give up just after 2-3 months of posting, you have to keep your head down and work till you achieve your goal.