25 April 2018

Presentation by Douglass Welch: "Broader risk management issues in the fund industry"

5 February 2018

Presentation by Karel Lannoo: "Regulating integrity in finance: is the EU framewok fit for purpose ?"

Additional information: Mr Lannoon on ESA reveiw

14 June 2017

Presentation by Rémy Jacob: "Microfinance for Luxembourg"

26 October 2016

Presentation by Marcel Hénaff: "The Gift Perverted: For an Anthropology of Corruption"

14 September 2016

Presentation by Eila Kreivi: "Green Bonds - do they add value ?"

7 June 2016 

Presentation by Francesco Papadia:   "The role of Asset Backed Securities in the Capital Markets Union"

20 January 2016 

Presentation by H.E. Thomas Antoine   "The five pillars of Integrity"

17 September 2015 

Presentation by Philippa Foster Back: "Building Trust in Markets"

28 April 2015 

Presentation by Urs Hammer on:   "Challenges for the Swiss financial sector – the gap between perception and reality"

27 November 2014 

Presentation by Dr. Hans J. Blommestein on:  "Sovereign Debt Restructuring: Implications for Global Financial Integrity and the Use of Ethical Principles"

29 April 2014 

Keynote speech by Ludo Van der Heyden on:  "Fair Process: Governance - Compliance - Ethics"

02 April 2014 

Keynote speech by Richard Pelly on:  "Myths and Reality in the Private Equity Market"

12 March 2014 

Presentation by Martin Kreutner (IACA) on:   "Global Anti-Corruption Agenda - Wishful thinking?"

12 September 2013

Keynote speech by Paul Mercier on:   "Central Bank Independence: some thoughts"

10 April 2013

Presentation by Wijnand Nuijts on:   "DNB supervision on culture & behaviour"

12 October 2011

Keynote speech by Jean Guill on:   "Integrity and the financial centre: some thoughts from the regulator on financial integrity"

24 May 2011

Keynote speech by Charles Hamer on:    "Fostering good governance at an international private bank: a practical experience"

17 February 2011

Keynote speech by Jacques Santer on:    "ALFI Sustainable and Responsible Investments conference"

5 December 2008

Keynote speech by David Clark on:    "Global Market Turbulence"

1 June 2006

Keynote speech by David Clark on:    "Attitudes to lending from Plato to Gordon Brown"

16 February 2005

Keynote speech by David Clark on:    "Debt Forgiveness and World Poverty"