The Institute for Global Financial Integrity is a non profit-making organisation that is private, independent and impartial in its role of Forum and Centre of Excellence for the global financial sector, national financial centres and jurisdictions. It is driven (a) by openness to dialogue within and outside the global financial sector and with its members, partners and other stakeholders; and, (b) by a collaborative and supportive spirit amongst its members.

All organisations and qualified professionals as individual members, within and outside the global financial sector, that wish to do so can be members. Members are the Institute.

Membership is ground in the commitment of the member to the highest standards of professional excellence, ethical conduct and practice. The member is held to the responsibility of providing assistance and support to the actions and the activities of the Institute. Additionally, the member is called upon to actively participate in TIGFI’s Work Committees and their Taskforces, with respect for views and opinions of the other participants. The purpose of the covenant, based on the principles of integrity (i.e. fairness, transparency, responsibility and accountability), is to ensure that there is open dialogue and collaborative spirit among the Institute’s members, its partners and the participants in committees and taskforces. The underlying approach is couched in the principles of empowerment.

Membership Contributions set by Board of Directors for the Year 2017
Group  General Assembly Votes  Initial Joining Contribution  Annual Membership Contribution
Charter  8  8,000 €  2,000 €
Sustaining  4  0,00 €  2,000 €
 Corporate or Institutional  2  0,00 €  1,000 €
 Professional Individual  1 0,00 €  250 €
 Academic & Retired Individual  0 0,00 €  250 €


Under exceptional circumstances, members can substitute all or part of membership dues by providing special support and assistance to the Institute in its actions and activities (c.f. Article 13 of the TIGFI Statutes). To do so, a candidate member must submit, along with his Membership Application Form, a written statement pertaining to the reasons why it is unable to pay membership dues and the nature and extent of the special assistance and support he proposes to provide to the Institute, its actions and its activities (c.f. Article 8 of the TIGFI Statutes). In consultation with the candidate member, the Board of Directors reviews and approves the services proposed and their extent provided in lieu of part or all initial and yearly membership fees.