The core organisation of the Institute for Global Financial Integrity (TIGFI) is contained in its Corporate Governance Charter, embodying TIGFI’s Statutes and the international principles of corporate governance of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and European Commission as well as those of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. Its governing body is constituted by a Board of Regents and a Board of Directors, the latter having the responsibility and accountability of management and oversight of the Institute.

Operational oversight is exercised by the Executive Committee that is typically made up of members of the Board of Directors, but may comprise non Board members chosen amongst TIGFI’s Charter and Regular Members.

The Executive Committee has the responsibility to nominate an Executive Director who is responsible for the daily management of TIGFI. The Executive Director administers the operations of the Institute and coordinates the research and related activities of the Work Committees that are constituted by members and partners of the Institute.